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“Calor, siesta, noche, asfalto” // Luis Urculo

Otro vídeo maravilloso de Luis Urculo!


The Anatomy of Saffron

Ya sabéis que por aquí somos muy fans del trabajo de Luis Urculo. Se nos olvidó postear este vídeo que hizo hace unos meses para la consutora Saffron. Maravilloso!

Visita: www.luisurculo.com


Ensayo sobre la ruina

Hasta el próximo 14 de noviembre puedes acercarte a ver la expo de Luis Úrculo en la Galería Eva Ruiz de Madrid. Nosotros no podremos ir porque nos pilla un poco lejos así que aprovecha si tienes la oportunidad. Tiene muy buena pinta. Aquí os dejamos algo de info extraída de su web y un vídeo estupendo sobre el proyecto.


"Albert Speer, the architect that Hitler placed in charge of most of the important building projects of the Third Reich, habitually made drawings of the future ruins of his own buildings. Speer claimed, with reason, that the real potential of architecture resides in the evocative force of its future ruin or destruction. And in order to justify this argument, he recalled monumental structures of the past, the remains of civilizations such as the Roman, Greek and Egyptian ones. 
Luis Úrculo's works deal with this fall from power and its manifestation on the basis of monumental architecture. Using compositions of domestic objects, arranged according to the neoclassical ideal, he depicts the collapse and breakdown of the symbols of a stable and eternal Europe, the celebration of failure as an aesthetic act. At the same time, Úrculo portrays the very concept of collapse or destruction at a precise moment in a person's life.
Iván López Munuera explains: "A cult to decline, as Andreas Huyssen points out, has sprung from one of the greatest obsessions of contemporary times. Because decline or ruin begs for a place that is charged with nostalgia; [it is] a call to a past that no longer exists, that questions the present from a position that ponders not only the past, but also the uncertainty to come."
An Essay on Decline is Luis Úrculo's first indiividual exhibit at the gallery of Eva Ruiz. The show is divided into two rooms, the first of which holds the video projection that lends its title to the exhibition as a whole. Here, through constructions carried out with objects that are considered "cadavers". he not only investigates the possible structures and acts of decline, but also the spectator's perception and interpretation of them. These are quick succint ac actions that imply the descending movement of the compositions - fabrics that unfold to reveal their structures and fall in a strange choreography: detailed maps atlases of detritus, sticks, debris and rubble, arches of triumph and podiums– until reaching their formal ruin / rupture. The second room includes several series that deal with the concept of decline through drawing, sculpture and a variety of installations.
As Ivan López Munuera underlined, "the images that Úrculo creates in his Essay on Decline do not recall specific places, but rather invokes sensations; they do not spawn a desire to return to earlier times, but instead recall them. Through his works, he establishes a platform from which one can conceive and mold the futures for which we wish, even invent new and exciting pasts."

Dear New York

Anda que no mola este vídeo realizado por Luis Urculo para Zara con motivo de la apertura de una súper tienda en la quinta avenida de Nueva York. Precioso.

Visita: www.luisurculo.com